Coming Out: With Queer Eye's Fab Five / Bustle

A rollout for Pride Month 2018, Netflix’s “Queer Eye” cast reveals their coming out stories to the Bustle audience.

Backseat Blind Date - Series Trailer / Elite Daily

Backseat Blind Date is a bi-weekly series on Elite Daily’s Facebook channel hitting over 1M views in the first 24 hours on each episode.

The Kindness Card / Launch Day / Havas NY & Studio6

The Kindness Card was a month long campaign to reward kindness in NYC. The project won the 2018 Shorty Award for Best Mobile Campaign.

Women's March 2018 / Bustle

On on the ground coverage of the 2018 Women’s March in NYC for Bustle.

What's Up Boo? / Ghost of Bridget Bishop / Bustle

In the feminist ghost hunter series, What’s Up Boo?, we explored the history of four radical feminists and their legacies while attempting to connect with them through a medium.


My creative team pitched our K-Y client a short Instagram and Facebook video series focused on brining awareness to “the orgasm gap” in a series spotlighting the inequality in sex via cute metaphors.

K-Y / Football Bod / Havas NY

K-Y aimed to remind men that the Super Bowl wasn’t the only holiday in February with this three part campaign targeted at the forgetful boyfriends and husbands of the world.

Directed by: JEAN Creative

Easy Off / Ginger Bros / Havas NY

This three part stop animation TV commercial series was created for release around Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving to highlight the benefits of having clean ovens from the humorous perspective of the things being baked on the inside.

IBM / NYC Cloud Garage Launch / Havas NY

IBM launched their first NYC IBM Cloud Garage intentionally designed to simulate creativity, learning, and transformation using the IBM Cloud Garage Method. 

B/Real - Bleacher Report - Series Seasonal Trailer

A series built at the crossroads of sports and culture, diving into the lives of five athletes who have gone viral and pairing them up with their celebrity idols.

Sneaker Shock - E104 - Steph Curry x Under Armor