Rachel Roderman rachel is an emmy nominated producer, director and writer based in new york city and this is her website.

COLLEGE HUMOR. I had the pleasure of freelance producing original comedy, branded, and co-sponsored content for CollegeHumor and their branded armBig Breakfast. Clients I've worked with include Dodge, Mentos, Mike's Hard Lemonade, and the VitaminWater #CRWN series for sister channel WatchLoud.com.

UCB COMEDY. Along with serial production with the Digital Program, I've produced for Don't Think Productions, the Upright Citizens Brigade's branded content company, creating co-sponsored content for partners such as Fusion, Advertising Week, as well as original comedy for UCB's Vimeo and YouTube channels.

BUSTLE. Senior Video Producer for BDG Media. At Bustle, I produced web series for Bustle's female-focused audience on it's Facebook platform including What's Up, Boo?, evergreen celebrity editorial, integrated branded ads and Bustle's first narrative comedy series.

BRINKMAN. Senior Producer on UCBComedy.com's award-winning Digital House Team, BRINKMAN.  

BRINKMAN makes character-driven web series that explore a universe where the dumb meets the dark. Through a stylized and cinematic presentation, BRINKMAN goes to places where hope and optimism run into the wall of reality, where our dumbest ideas are treated with the weight and gravitas of our smartest ones, and where every choice has consequences.

Click to watch: Pact, Last Two People on Earth, Life Support, and Trolls