Rachel Roderman rachel is a producer, director, and writer based in new york city and this is her website.


far from timid. 

Hey. It's me, Rachel. 

I'm a producer, a collaborative director and a smart writer who thinks she's funny. I love round table brainstorms and prefer doing the work over scheduling meetings about doing the work. I'm an avid yogi, a witty wordsmith, a casual cook, a mediocre surfer and a pretty good friend if I do say so myself. I take the window seat, extra hot sauce, and always all my vacation days. I was born on the east coast, fell in love with the west coast, and find any reason a good reason to head to travel. I'm a late blooming feminist, a loud talker, a fast walker and I started writing down three things I'm grateful for every day. I usually can't stop at three. 

Here's some more stuff about me that you won't find on LinkedIn: 


I desire to: call instead of text / wake up and workout / floss daily / create things that inspire other people to create things / stand up for myself / stand up for my work / do yoga everyday / color coordinate / eat chocolate / sleep in / read in bed / donate my money / donate my time / keep plants alive / frame my art / take more pictures / send real mail / have meals with friends / have meals alone / make movies with friends / take myself to the movies / visit more museums / road trip to wherever / sleep under stars / shower outside / dance at your wedding / eat cake at your birthday party / hold your baby / delegate / trust people / trust myself / be happy for those who have what i want / meditate / meditate even more / listen / be heard / be liked / be loved / be remembered / just be where i am.


I am all in. 

There is no playing small.

I am madly in love with my best friend and partner, our family, and our giant wooden table that sits in the sunniest room in our house.

We live in the serene part of a bustling city with access to great food, great yoga, great views, great movies, and great friends.

On weekends, our mugs quietly leave new rings on the table while we read and write in magic hour light. Crosswords always welcome.

There is never a bad time to play music through the speakers, dance in the kitchen, or eat tacos.

I am working on my second screenplay from home and am the head writer and director of my original sitcom. I am constantly working towards turning ideas from my brain and the brains of my funny, smart, kind friends into well-lit realities. 

I am a dedicated advocate for arts education, raising money and awareness through my non-profit.

I'm certified to teach yoga and volunteer my time bringing practices to local teens who need to meet themselves where they are. 

My sisters and parents are the best babysitters for hire on indulgent date nights.

My children are perpetually learning the importance of BBQs, being outside, sensible shoes, and long distance phone calls.

I learn, laugh, and choose happiness everyday. I am a breathing example of whole-hearted living, vulnerability, kindness, forgiveness, fear-shattering risk taking and genius wordplay.

I've come to terms with the fact that it all won't go according to plan. I understand that the plan falling apart was the bigger plan all along.

I fiercely want to be where I am. 

Also, the New York Giants go to the Super Bowl. I'm there. They win. It's nuts.