Rachel Roderman rachel is an emmy nominated producer, director and writer based in new york city and this is her website.

Cart Cam Live was created as an interactive, social-first viewing experience for TNT's The Match, a celebrity golf tournament. The golf audience at B/R is nearly non-existent and we knew viewership with younger demos was particularly low on linear if at all. 

We knew we had access to four of the biggest celebrities on the course all day and like with most sports, the off-the-course banter and activity is always the most exciting for fans. We rigged their carts with cameras to capture the moments between holes and supplemented the live stream with an interactive show during play, anchored by Taylor Rooks and Eli Manning. 

It brought a new POV to the traditionally slow-speed of golf viewing and allowed fans to feel like they were right there with the athletes as they played. The result was hours of interaction, celebrities asking to be a part of the next Match, and even an Emmy nomination.