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For millions of people, K-Y is synonymous with sex — with heightened pleasure and greater intimacy. And while many couples have enjoyed K-Y’s products, the brand has been largely overlooked by gay males because K-Y has never had a long lasting, natural feeling silicon-based alternative to water based lubricants. That is until now because 100-year-old K-Y introduced its first-ever silicone-based lubricant called True Feel. The new lube came out. And to mark the occasion, so did the brand. RB’s KY, with creative partner Havas Worldwide New York, announced their coming out to the world in a big, loud way, temporarily changing their century-old name from K-Y to GA-Y online and off at New York City’s Gay Pride Parade, and generated interest and participation from millions of parade go-ers with a Facebook Live powered GA-Y True Feel Float, branded GA-Y product giveaways, manholes, and a ride down the “Lube Tube” for guests at NYC Pride’s closing party.